Signal Risk has designed a number of core services aimed at managing the security risks faced when travelling or operating across Africa. All of our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, and can be purchased individually or as part of a customised bouquet.

Travel and Crisis Management Planning

A Travel and Crisis Management Plan (TCMP) is aimed at bolstering the internal processes involved when staff travel abroad. In addition to defining the actions required to be undertaken by the organisation in the event of a crisis, a TCMP also serves as a guide on best practice measures that should be followed in the normal course of employee travel.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Through our partners, we offer our clients training sessions aimed at reducing risk when they travel. The training sessions combine interactive presentation material with hands on exercises drawing on simulated hostile environment situations. Workshops are commonly conducted in the client’s office and last one or two days, but can be tailored to meet needs.

Intelligence reports

Signal Risk has developed four core report offerings. Our ‘Incident Briefing Reports (‘IBT’) are customisable for specific regions, countries or in-country areas. They can be sent daily, weekly or monthly and detail significant incidents that have happened or will occur, and include brief analysis on each incident. Our ‘Advisory Report’ is a brief document that details our assessment of the proposed area of travel, including whether travel can take place and what security provisions are necessary. Our ‘Safety and Security Report’ highlights key political, security and environmental risks in an area of travel or operation. A ‘Destination Briefing’ is a condensed version of the Safety and Security Report and designed to brief short-stay travellers about the risks and logistical arrangements in a particular destination.

Region Monitoring

We use open and privileged source intelligence to monitor the area in which you are travelling or operating. In the event of any incident or development that may affect you, we will make contact with travellers and key organisation role players and provide real-time intelligence and advice.

Check-in and Escalation

Making sure travellers and in-country personnel are safe on a regular basis is essential for any business. Signal Risk’s check-in and escalation service conducts this process for you. We will make regular virtual contact with your personnel, escalating any significant concerns and providing any necessary security support.

Security Support

With our strong conception of the security risks in Africa, we can recommend appropriate security provisions necessary for safer travel and operations. Pre-departure, we can assist in facilitating a variety of services, including airport meet-and-greet, secure transfers, close protection and static guarding. In the case of an in-country emergency, we have the capability to assist in the coordination of an internal or external evacuation.